Video Contest Deadlines

Since March 2020, digital communication has become increasing valuable. We know that many of our members have been working long hours creating informational and instructional videos to help your institutions communicate these evolving transitions placed on students, faculty and learning spaces.

We want you to share your best videos with your CCUMC peers focused on hybrid learning and/or simultaneous learning.

  • No more than 2 submissions per institution.
  • Ideal video length should be less than 10 minutes.
  • Videos will need to be shared with CCUMC to be added to the virtual meeting platform for viewing.

All videos must be submitted by October 1.

Videos submitted to the contest will be ranked by your peers during the upcoming Conference in the Cloud Returns, October 12-14.  Winners of the video contest will be announced during the closing ceremony.

To submit a video for this context, navigate to, and add the video file to the pop-up box on the website. In the “email to” field add [email protected]. In the “Title” line put your institution name, and in the “description” field say Video Contest – Name of the video.

If you have any issue with the upload, please contact the Executive Office.