Connecting in the Cloud: Tech Talk Series, EDID

Join us for this upcoming Tech Talk Training on 4K Signal Technologies. Participation in this course is worth 1RU.

This class will cover the importance of Signal Processors in the Modern Classroom.  These technologies are instrumental to Audio Visual Installations:

  • Part of today’s New Learning Spaces are the diversity of the Audio/Video signals. Learning how to stabilize and manipulate this images is the goal .
  • Not only do these images need to be shown on Projectors and TV’s ,they now need to be recorded and streamed to a wide variety of streaming platforms like ZOOM and MST. The Twin Digital age is here and using signal processors will help you manage these AV signals .
  • The seminar will focus on EDID , HDCP and the world of USB for the Modern Learning Space.
  • We will discuss USB and HDMI extension and the new world of USB-C 
  • Todays New Classrooms will need to be flexible and the key is understanding how to  scale them to all platforms.
  • The advantages of provided 4K technology for signal processing in the classrooms
Join the conversation June 17th at 11am ET/8am PT.


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